Reverberation Gallery Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin 2017


Grid of glass-fibre reinforced phosphate-based ceramic elements. The ceiling above the auditorium was raised by several meters in order to increase the room volume with a so-called reverberation gallery and thus improve the room acoustics. The mesh is intended to visually close off the resulting reverberation space, but at the same time be permeable to sound. This is the first time this material system has been used in architecture. This required extensive tests in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart.

Completion: 2017

Location: Berlin, Germany

Architecture: HG Merz Architekten, Berlin

Structural Engineering:
Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering GmbH

Material Concept and Preliminary Tests:
ITKE – Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design, Prof. Jan Knippers , University of Stuttgart

Material Tests for Technical Approval: MPA Stuttgart, Germany

Fabrication and Installation:
Fiber-Tech, Chemnitz, Germany

Image Credits: Andreas Schippel, Marcus Ebener, ITKE University of Stuttgart, JKI