Bike Shelter Canopy – Folded Plate Timber Structure


Situated at the southwest entrance to the Science and Engineering Complex for Harvard University in Boston, Behnisch Architekten and Jan Knippers Ingenieure have developed a new bike parking station which will shelter nearly 100 bicycles. The station explores the strength and lightness of wood construction. Using a folded plate structural system, 36 cross-laminated timber (CLT) plates vault between steel columns and interlock with CNC-milled joints stitched together with mechanical fasteners.

Completion: 2020

Location: Allston, MA, USA

Architect: Behnisch Architekten, Boston, USA

Structure: Jan Knippers Ingenieure

Lotte Aldinger, Anna Krtschil

Engineer of Record: Fast + Epp, NYC, NY, USA

Timber Manufacturer: Blumer Lehmann AG, Gossau, Schweiz

David Riggenbach

Images: Igor Dantas, Brad Feinknopf, Jan Knippers Ingenieure